About Us

Le Rouge was established to share a passionate love of European lifestyle. 

When a customer walks in, they feel the modern warmth of Europe cascading about them, as they immediately spot beautifully selected wines from around the world.

Le Rouge is located on famous Restaurant Row of Orlando, Florida.  Tucked within the beautifully landscaped plaza.  The location just perfectly fits it, because of how it compliments the open cafe style on sidewalks, as overseas.

Le Rouge also offers not the typical entertainment, but we select artists who specialize in unique acts only found in large cabarets, and more.  We are even known for hosting great charity events, where acts become similiar to great shows as Cirque Du Soleil.  They walk through crowds, simply amazing our customers.

We hope you all enjoy trying or coming back to Le Rouge - where wine, food and entertainment combines with a unique twist.

Thank you.